Spring-break in medieval times

With trees blossoming, brooks babbling and days getting longer and longer, there is no doubt left… Yes, spring is finally here ! And as usual, with spring settling, you’re longing for adventures and escapades ? Well, give into this longing and this year, head to Margeride for an unforgettable trip… At the end of may, dive back into medieval times right at the heart of Margeride !

  • You’re off for ? 3 days, 2 nights
  • When ? At the end of may or at the begining of june depending on the year.
  • It’s perfect for ? All curious and active people, famillies or friends

Day 1 – Friday

Wether you’ve arrived by train, car, bus or carriage (why not?), you are now in Margeride, the place where the sadly famous Beast of Gevaudan attacked farmers and villagers about 250 years ago (doesn’t ring a bell ? Read our complete summary right here). Once you’ve settled in town, you’ll only need your feet to get around this week-end, so put those car keys away !

Take your time to unpack before sneaking into the calm cobbled streets of the medieval village of Le Malzieu… In just a few hours, the same quiet streets will beat with the sound of drums, thousands of visitors, funny looking minstrels and legendary creatures…

Indeed, for just a short week-end, you are about to travel through time ! During the Medieval Festival of Le Malzieu, the middle-ages and all their fabulous decor and atmosphere are waiting for you. By the way, your awesome rent costume awaits you in the local association’s headquarters right in the heart of the town. Shows, parade, artistic strolls through the gorgeous little town, lively inns and even ancient crafts demonstrations… The programm is dense and filled with wonderful discoveries.

Keep an eye open, wonder awaits around each corners of the charming flower-filled streets of this little french village.

Day 2 – Saturday 

After a good night’s sleep, enjoy the fresh morning to escape far from the crowds. Starting from right in the center the village, a scenic 6,5km hiking trail takes you to through the lavish-green hills of Margeride and all the way up to the “Fairies Door“… This mysterious and surprising natural rock-slide also offers a gorgeous view upon the Truyère Canyon.

Back from your little hiking trip, enjoy a snack at the medieval inn located on Ursulines Square. Afterwards, it’s time for the afternoon and evening shows and workshops. Between learning calligraphy and how to throw an axe “medieval style”, your afternoon is going to fly by ! At night, an amazing fire show will leave you with stary eyes and dreams full of knights, dragons and music…

Day 3 – Sunday

The end of the Medieval Festival of Le Malzieu is upon us and departure is close… But not so fast ! Before packing off your luggage, enjoy the last shows and maybe pack on some delicious local foods or gorgeous crafts. Looking for a more “outdoor” activity ? Why not head for the nearby Via-Ferrata ? Located right accross the very same Fairies Door you went to see last morning, this adrenaline packed activity will enable you to admire Margeride from the top ! Half-day equipment rental is available at our Tourist Information Center in Le Malzieu (15€/pers.).

What ? The week-end is already over ? Unfortunatly yes…And all those minstrels, knights and princesses do need their rest after 3 full days of festivities. But luckily, you are now leaving with colorful memories, tasty local treast and, hopefully, the desire to come back for more !

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