The Wolves of Gevaudan Animal Parc

This unique wolf park was built in the 1960’s by Gérard Ménatory. It was fully renovated in 2020… The result is a mix of gorgeous panoramic views and immersive paths leading up to the wolves ! Nowadays, the park shelters around a hundred wolves living in semi-captivity on 25 hectares land at the heart of Margeride. The tour allows the visitors to discover the five subspecies of wolves that populate and/or come from :

  • Poland,
  • Canada,
  • Siberia,
  • Mongolia
  • Artic

Beside the observation of the wolves, the main goal of the park is to enable the public to understand this animal a little better ! Indeed, the exhibits and the tours aim at erasing the ancestral fears the wolf has inspired for centuries up to nowadays.

As the guided tour is about 30 minutes long, and the self-tour about 1h30 long, you’ll need 2 hours more or less to fully enjoy your visit!

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