One week in summer… And maybe more

That’s it! You’ve made up your mind, and your next trip will be in Haute-Lozère. So you’re about to settle down in the heart of Margeride… Excellent choice! You opted for a quiet, peaceful (and yet, full of discoveries) stay!

Once you picked the perfect accommodation (you can book your stay here) and settled down comfortably, time for a few ideas to enjoy your week!

  • You’re off for: a week
  • It’s perfect for: families
  • When? In summer

Day 1 – Sunday

This morning, let’s meet at the Tourist Information Center of Saint-Chély d’Apcher, where you’ll get your fill of visits ideas and advices thanks to our trip advisors. Get your immersion guide, yearly-updated bible of the territory that will help you find whatever you’re looking for. And while you’re here, take a look at our current exhibition downstairs!

Next, take a small hour to visit the historic center of the town. The tour will lead you to discover the surprising architectural heritage of this industrial city. Then, don’t forget to buy a few documents about the hiking paths in order to go walking in the course of the afternoon!

Day 2 – Monday

Towards le Malzieu. Make a stop at the Tourist Information Center situated inside of the Bodon Tower, by the town hall, to enjoy the building and get at the edge of the tower for a great 360 degrees view!

After you visited the current exhibition inside the Chemin de Ronde (Rampart Walk) room, why don’t you take a walk through the many little streets of the medieval city thanks to the historic tour composed of 28 explicative boards? For lunch, the downtown restaurants will be able to provide a nice meal. 

In the afternoon, let’s go to the Porte des Fées for a digestive walk up above Le Malzieu, at the discovery of the Gorges de la Truyère.

Finally, to end the day on a high note, let’s go to the village of Apcher. There, you’ll discover the splendid remains of the medieval site and the restored tower (look for the guide, they’ll do a guided tour and lead you to the top of the tower for 3 € per person).

On the top of Apcher tower, the view is simply splendid. When the weather is in a good mood, you can see up to the Plomb du Cantal (1855 m), 80 km away !

Day 3 – Tuesday  

A nice picnic, then in the car! Towards the Charpal lake, on the Plateau du Roy, 1300 meters high. On the agenda today, a nice two hours long walk in a beautiful scenery, ideal to get a breath of fresh air ! Through this easy 8 km long tour, you will easily find a nice corner in order to sit down and eat… and then, take a little nap under the shadows of the trees before finishing the walk. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of pictures, the place has many beautiful landscapes all the path long.. Read our recap of a sunday at Lake Charpal right here.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Wednesday is Sorties Nature (Outdoor Trips) day! While the children enjoy a trip to the Malzieu pool in order to learn fishing with our guide Alexandre, the parents can take a little time for themselves while they plan the rest of the vacation. At the end of the afternoon, meet up with Grégory, outdoor activity leader, who will lead you at the discovery of the birds of prey or the Truyère river, with the family, of course. And since you’ll be charmed, stay with him for an evening of stargazing.

Day 5 – Thursday   

Market day at Saint-Chély d’Apcher! Time to get your fill of local products, fruits and vegetables. After this, take advantage of being there to visit the Metalworking Industry Museum, witness to the industrial history of the town.

During the afternoon, drive to Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole for a playful visit of the Scénovision. Forty-five minutes of an immersive experience at the discovery of the secrets of Margeride…. From the Beast of Gévaudan to the Way of Saint-James, through the peculiar history of the Hospital.

Coming out of the Scénovision, you’ll probably want to know more… Then, why don’t you follow Aguste footsteps, the mailman who guided you during your visit?

The day isn’t over yet! In the evening, meet Willy at the Tourist Information Center for a Balade Gourmande (Foodie Walk) on the path of Margeride. On the program: discovery of the dusk landscapes and local products tasting

Day 6 – Friday

Let’s go to Sainte-Eulalie and the European Bisons Wildlife Refuge! In a horse-drawn carriage, discover those surprising animals, tallest European mammals, and their way of life. Important: do not forget to book your tickets, as this place is quite popular. After the visit of the museum, enjoy a lunch at the restaurant or a picnic in the park.

Once you are satiated, drive to Lajo and the Peatland’s tour. If you want to learn more about this place, go get a guidebook at the Tourist Information Center or the Lajo city hall. The pontoons make the walk in the peatlands easy and fun and the explicative boards will give you much information about that little known flora, relic from the ice age.

Day 7 – Saturday 

The time to leave has come. You got your fill of memories, surprises and discoveries. You’ll be back home rested and ready to go back on your daily life!

During your stay, don’t forget to ask for the weekly agenda of the events in one of our Tourist Information Centers. Indeed, during summer, a lot of events take place every day: Soirées Guinguettes, village festivities, markets and fairs, concerts and exhibitions… A lot of fun in sight!

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