European Bison Wildlife refuge

Guaranteed change of scenery! Be it alone, with friends or with the whole family, The European Bisons Wildlife Refuge offers a one of a kind experience through the discovery of this extraordinary prehistoric animal.

Recently back in eastern and northern Europe after nearly disappearing, the European Bisons were reintroduced in Margeride. Inside of the refuge, they are living in semi-captivity in an over 200 hectares land. In Sainte-Eulalie, the visitors can chose between :

  • The walking tour (along side the park and not inside of course !)
  • A guided carriage tour (inside the park)
  • The amazing guided sled tour (only in winter inside the park).

The guided tours enable you to meet the biggest European land mammal inside of an 80 hectares park. Furthermore, the adjacent museum relates the history of Bisons from prehistory to nowadays.

Booking is required !

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