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Excursion idea: walking in Auguste’s footsteps

If you went to see the Scénovision of Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole as we strongly recommended, then you had the pleasure to meet Auguste the mailman while diving into the local history. If you didn’t… hurry up and go! Like most people, you probably came back from the Scénovision charmed by this experience, but still… you would like to learn more. Then why don’t you follow Auguste steps? After all, he showed you many tracks to explore, it’s up to you to discover it!

To begin with, a detour by the Castle

Auguste told you about this pretty castle adorned with pink sandstone, and here you are! Cross the main gates and go to the Tourist Information Center, where you’ll get precious advices about the things to see nearby. Check out this courtyard, looking like an Andalusian palace with its neat architecture!  

While you’re here, why don’t you go and visit the temporary exhibitions organized all summer long?

Next, let’s go to the Cimetière des Fous

Above the hospital chapel, you’ll easily find the Cimetière des Fous (Cemetery of the mad) mentioned during the Scénovision show. There, you can read Paul Eluard’s striking poem engraved on a stone tablet, at the center of the cemetery. Let yourself be carried away by the singular atmosphere of this place, witness of a strong and still palpable history.

Then, off to the Cascade du Franquet

Head for the Villaret. On the way, you’ll come across the old buildings of the hospital and the pedagogic farm, before reaching the Éclaireurs de France center. Cross the gate and you’ll reach the waterfall a few hundred meters further.

Enjoy this nice place by dipping your toes into the fresh water, seize the moment and let the water’s lapping soothe you. If you look closely at the rock heights, you can spot the remains of an ancient fortified building: a watchtower originally dedicated to the surveillance of the mills.

Now, a little bit of exercise!

Up to the village of Limbertès, also part of Auguste’s round. The place is a perfect example of Margeride architecture, with plenty of heritage treasures. While you’re here, why don’t you make a refreshing stop by the fountain? After this interlude, you’ll just have to take the first path on the right at the entrance of the village – towards Chassefeyre and then Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole – to be back at your starting point.

What’s next?

Your stay is not over! Take advantage of Auguste wise advices to discover every aspects of Margeride:  maybe a horse-drawn carriage to go and meet the European Bisons of Saint-Eulalie, or a dive into the Ice Age with the Tourbières de Lajo’s uncommon flora? The possibilities are endless.

The Scénovision is a great showcase of our territory. It’s up to you to go further into the discovery and explore the Haute-Lozère!