The archeological museum of Javols

The archeological museum presents the heritage and objects discovered in the course of the digs made on the site of the ancient capital of Gévaudan: Anderitum.  

Focusing mainly on the then-daily life and the principles of archeology, the collection of the museum counts two masterpieces:
– A milliary marker;
– A life-size statue of the Gallo-Roman forest god Silvan-Sucellus.
The exterior tour is about one hour long and follows a total of 19 panels. Maps are available at the entrance of the museum. Visitors can also subscribe a guided tour of the site, where they will be equipped with headphones and numerical pictures (for further information, please contact the museum).

The museum is open:

  • During spring holidays
  • During summer, from June to September
  • For groups (10 persons minimum): all year long by appointment.

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