Scénovision la Margeride à la folie à Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole
Scénovison de Saint-Alban-sur-Liamgnole ©OT Margeride en Gévaudan

I tested for you… the Scénovision of Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole !

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The “scéno” what?

The much talked about Scénovision of Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole! I had heard a lot about the quality and the originality of its show. “Unforgettable”, “nice and funny”, “suitable for all ages”… Everyone who had tried it out was singing its praises.

The visit is based off a simple concept: comfortably settled inside of a renovated barn of Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole, the visitors follow Auguste, the town’s mailman, as he goes through his last bike round before his retirement. Being as curious as I am, it didn’t take me long to book my seat!

Are you ready for this 45-minute visit? Well, let’s go…


“We can feel curiosity and excitement spreading among the audience…”

To begin with, a few preparations

Intrigued (and maybe even a little sceptical), I find myself in the entrance hall of la Maison Vincen of Saint-Alban sur Limagnole, a couple of minutes before the beginning of the session.

Once my ticket is paid (6€), I take advantage of the time left before the start to visit the nice little shop: books, accessories and even some fancy ceramic works of art. I really need to make a longer stop here after the session!

Together with other participants of all ages, we meet Daphné, who introduces us to the concept of the show and reminds us of the few security and comfort rules. We can feel curiosity and excitement spreading among the audience…

Then, Daphné opens the doors of a large room and wishes us a nice session. Let’s go for a 45-minute discovery!

Le scénovision de Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole
Scénovison de Saint-Alban-sur-Liamgnole ©OT Margeride en Gévaudan

Open up the doors of the mail sorting room…

The room we get in is decorated down to the smallest detail to look like a mail sorting room of La Poste. We can even spot Auguste’s bicycle! It’s five in the morning, the round is about to start and… I won’t tell you more, not to spoil the surprises that are waiting for you during this visit! I’d rather have you read this (TripAdvisor review from October 2019):

Nice surprise! You can’t get bored because of how finely the plot is set up. Warm reception, reasonable prices and beautiful originality (…) Bravo!

What I can tell, however, is that this activity – unusual, to say the least – largely deserves all the praises it gets! The settings are gorgeous, the characters are funny and endearing, and we come back from the visit amazed, no matter how old we are: on the day I tested the Scénovision, my fellow spectators were literally from five to eighty years old!

To sum up, why is it so cool?

  • It’s original, suited for all ages and accessible to the disabled people,
  • It’s a perfect way to learn more about the local history. From the Beast of Gévaudan to the tough job of being a mailman in our remote lands, passing by the history of the psychiatry revolution of the town, the surroundings won’t hold any secret for you!
  • It’s perfect for rainy days or heatwaves,
  • It’s friendly to the small-budgeted travelers who’d like to have a nice time!

+33(0) 4 66 31 32 85

Route de Saint-Chély | 48120 Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole | 6€ / pers. | 5€ / Children under 12 | Free / Children under 6

When to come ?

One session every 45 minutes
From TUESDAY to FRIDAY: from 10:30 to 17:15
SATURDAY et SUNDAY : from 13:30 à 17:15


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