The remains of the Apcher Castle

From the 11th century to the French Revolution, Gévaudan was split in eight baronies. Powerful lords were vying to be the richest and the most influential. Among them, the Lord of Apcher ruled over the north of the territory for a long time. Nowadays, the beautiful chapel and the impressive square keep built directly on the rock –dominating the surrounding with its 18 meters high – are the main remains of this seigniorial fortress.

“This keep’s terrace offers an amazing view over the Margeride for miles around.” 

The local orginization « Friends of Apcher » worked hard to highlight this amazing site ! Now, the remains of the castle, the Romanesque chapel and the square keep are open for visits ! It is thanks to the members of this association that this place got the splendor of its past glory back.

Visitors can find this historical hotspot in the little village of Prunières, who is worth a detour and is regularly visited by many tourists, as it was the center of Apcher barony when it was ruling over the north of Gévaudan.

PeriodVisiting hours
From sept. to juneThe remains and the chapel are open all day and everyday to the public for free. However, the tower stays closed.
In july
and Aug.
Same as above but guided tours are possible everyday from 10:00 am to 12:00 and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (the tours include the discovery of the remains, the chapel and the entrance to the tower). 3€ / pers.

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