The river Truyère

A discreet middle-mountain river and main tributary of the Lot, the Truyère crosses the Massif Central on a 170 km long distance. It emerges in Lozère, at 1450m in the heart of the Mounts of Margeride.

Brown trout with a pronounced pigmentation live in its acid water, turning yellow when they bathe in the sun at the sandy bottom of the river. Populations of minnows, gudgeons and chubs – in the lower part of the river – mix up with the native trouts. Downstream after Le Malzieu, a few perches and pikes – from the Grandvals reservoir that the Truyère supplies – compete with the trout in their alimentary quest. In the whole department, the Truyère is ranked first category. You guessed it, the Truyère river is a perfect fishing watercourse as well as being an irreplacable part of the landscapes of northern Lozère !

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