The “Musical Gatherings” of Le Malzieu

Since 2013, right at the beginning of august, a musical and artistic atmosphere fills the charming cobbled streets of Le Malzieu-Ville. Indeed, each edition of the “Musical Gatherings” festival is a new occasion, for the artistic directors of the festival Damien Fourchy and Simon Milone, to provide the public with an eclectic and original program. However, one permanent and ambitious desire runs through each edition : enabling visitors to discover classical music as well as the gorgeous heritage of this little town.

When music and theatre get together in a historically-rich city !

Concerts, outdoor plays, workshops for both kids and grown-ups, musical strolls, “matinées” in historical places of the medieval village… All this and more allows visitors to dive deep and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the festival.

International artists… right here in Le Malzieu ! 

Four rich and surprising days of discoveries and four evenings of fantastic concerts in order to “meet” with different forms of art and music. From baroque music to classical or romantical symphonies all the way to french tunes and jazz, theatre and operetta, moving arts and dance…

The musicians who perform during the “Musical Gatherings” of Le Malzieu are, for the most part, renown artists from around the world : Aurélien Pascal, Marie-Paule Milone, Rémy Poulakis, Denis Pascal, Isabel Sörling, Paul Lay Trio, Guillaume Chilemme, Catherine Imbert, Estelle Lefort… but also the actors Stéphan Debruyne, Audrey Saad et André Fauquenoy, specialists of “vaudeville” plays.

So follow us and embark upon an artistic journey through music, time and history in northern Lozère !

In a nutshell :

  • When : Every year for 4 days at the beginning of august
  • Where : Le Malzieu-Ville in Lozère
  • Booking : In order to book your tickets to attend the various festivities, go to the counter of the Tourist Information Center of Le Malzieu. You may purchase packages : 2 or 4 evenings pass. You may book your seat up to 45 min. before the show. Last but not least : the workshops (for adults and children) are free ! But booking is strongly advised, again, with the Tourist Information Center of Le Malzieu or by phone : +33(0) 4 66 31 82 73.
  • Sleeping : The best way to go is to book your stay early on if you want to sleep close to the town (or even better, in town) during the festival. Discover and book a great place to stay by scrolling through our list of accomodation.
  • Eating : Le Malzieu has several bars and restaurants that will allow you to quench your thirst or hunger in between two concerts or workshops !

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