Horseback riding

Follow our splendid paths on horseback… Cross the wide meadows and granite-sprinkled pasturelands of our beautiful Margeride. For a day or more, a whole week or a few hours, horses are the best fellows to explore the Margeride with… Then get into the saddle!

On horseback through Margeride with the Filière Cheval of Lozère Tourisme!

Sometimes, waterways and lakes will accompany you along the way… In the course of the path or during a break, you’ll have a chance to encounter people in love with their country. A few gallops further at the west of the Margeride, you’ll meet the roads of the Aubrac. There, basalt stones mix up with splendid wild landscapes… The Filière Cheval is here to suggest short or long equestrian tours, but also star-shaped itineraries around a single accommodation. Wanna go for a longer time? No problem! On horseback or with a carriage, the Filière Cheval has everything you need…

Want to set up your horseback trek in Margeride?

Nothing easier with the Filière Cheval Tourisme Lozère:

  • Choose the itinerary that suits you the best among the numerous options on
  • Send a message with your choice and potential questions to
  • Then, you will receive the GPX file to put in your GPS, along with a list of various accommodations in order to plan your trip. If you don’t intend to take your own horse with you, you will also be send a list of the nearest equestrian centers that will be able to help you.

Indeed, for each one of the itineraries, you will be able to choose among several options:

  • Go hiking with your own mount
  • Rent a horse from an equestrian center
  • Ask for the services of a guide

All those informations are available of the website of the Filière Cheval Tourisme Lozère and on the Facebook page:

Equestrian centers in Haute-Lozère

Enjoy a horseback or pony-back hike in Margeride, find out our partner equestrian centers!