Carriers and practical information

Transporting you luggage, going back to your starting point, preparing your itinerary, booking your accommodation… Preparing to go on a Great Itinerary (Grande Itinérance) can sometimes seem … complicated! Don’t worry, you will find some important information below and also important steps before you put on your shoes and go on an adventure.

Topo-guides(hiking guides) & smartphone apps :

Whether you are tech savvy or prefer paper versions, we advise you to take guiding documents with you before you go on a Grande Randonnée (GR as “Long distance footpath”)! It will prevent you from constantly having to look for information or getting lost.

Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole’s Tourist Information Center offers free hiking guides made by the « Sur les Pas de saint Jacques » association. You will also find the famous « Miam Miam dodo »guide which is a simple and efficient hiking guide that will provide you information on where to sleep and where to eat as its name suggest along the trail of the GR65!

Many smartphone apps exist (Buen Camino for instance, available in French for IOS and Android) that will allow to you to travel light and fluidly use your guiding documents. Be careful, recharging your batteries can sometimes be challenging, especially if you go camping!

However, the most appreciated supports are the hiking guides made by the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre (French hiking federation). Detailed by sequences and illustrated with maps, a list of sleeping accommodations and some pieces of advice, they will guide you along the way! They are many hiking guides, so do not hesitate to ask our Travel advisors to choose the guide which is best suited for your needs.

Carriers & taxis:

Making someone else carry you luggage for you. It is “cheating” for some and a dream for others! Is the idea of hiking light and coming back to your starting point with complete peace of mind is tempting you? Several service providers here in Haute-Lozère can cater to your needs.

On Saint James’s Way to Santiago de Compostela (GR65) :

  • La Malle postale | 11 Avenue Charles Dupuy, 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay 04 71 04 21 79 | 06 67 79 38 16 | |
  • Transbagages | 1 rue de l’école, hameau de Chanteruejols, 48000 Mende | 04 66 65 27 75 | 06 80 06 32 19 | |
  • Comostelle bus | 5 avenue Georges Clémenceau 43000 LePuy en Velay | 04 71 02 43 23 |

On the Tour des Monts d’Aubrac GR de Pays(Regional long distance footpath) :

  • La Malle postale (voir les contact ci-dessus).
  • Transport-Louloup |11 Route de l’Aubrac, 48100 Bourgs sur Colagne 06 32 93 40 72 |
  • Transports du Levant | Lot La Devezette 48260 NASBINALS |04 66 32 52 80 – 06 86 67 36 31 |
  • Conques Transport / rue du chateau 12320 CONQUES | 07 88 15 48 83 |

To get from one point to another along your route, you can also call a taxi company.

  • Taxi Flo 06 70 45 02 50 | Lot Communal, 48120 St Alban Sur Limagnole| AlloTaxi48 |
  • Taxis Martin 04 66 31 56 44 | Rue Chardonnerets, 48120 St Alban Sur Limagnole
  • Taxi Teissandier | Place De L Eglise, 48120 St Alban Sur Limagnole | 04 66 31 50 13

Trains or buses :

Whether you are on the GR65 or the GRP Tour des Monts d’Aubrac, your path will make you cross or depart from Aumont-Aubrac. It is the only SNCF railway station for the GRP Tour des Monts d’Aubrac and the last one before Figeac for the GR65. Note: a variation of the GRP Tour des Monts d’Aubrac passes through Saint-Chély-d’Apcher where there is an SNCF station equipped with a ticket office. Please note: there is no more ticket office in Aumont Aubrac station, so make sure you buy your tickets directly on the SNCF website.

Trains departing from Aumont Aubrac train station (now called « Peyre-en-Aubrac »):

Trains departing from Aumont Aubrac train station:

Accomodation : make your booking in advance… but not too much!

It is important to make a booking for your hiking accommodation,your bed and breakfast or your hotel room when there are major events like « Transhumance en Aubrac ». It is wise to anticipate bank holidays to ensure that you have room and board during these busy periods.

It is preferable to book your accommodation 2 to 3 days in advance, so that you can hike at your own pace, and also anticipate your tiredness, bad weather or an eventual wound …

You guessed it, a Great Itinerary is a clever mix of meticulous preparation and day-to-day improvisation… We advise you to do some research ( you could read our « Chemin de Saint-Jacques, Trucs et Astuces ») article for instance), ask around you or get some information from our Travel advisors along the trail of your long hike.

 All we have to do now is to wish you a safe journey!